Flight School San Diego – Chasing Excellence


Best Flight school San Diego is chasing excellence in providing flight training and general aviation courses.  This can be seen in the way the credentials of the teaching staff in the flight schools have gone up.

It is not unusual to see key personnel in such schools have had air force experience and Master’s degrees in aviation related courses.  Requirements for instructors are also getting more stringent with a bachelor’s degree usually the minimum.  The flight experience of most chief instructors is usually several thousand hours, and most have seen decades of commercial flying experience.  In fact, the flight schools may have benefitted from the spate of lay-offs and turbulence in commercial aviation that followed the 2008 financial crisis.

The race to be the best is not only in the area of teaching staff.  Flight schools are increasing and improving their training fleet.  Many of them now have the latest model of flight simulators that provide early training at a fraction of the cost of an actual flight.  Even course offerings are being improved and expanded.  Most schools now offer flight training that can be converted to credits toward a college degree in the field of aviation.

One of the most important improvements being undertaken is with regard to customer service.  At least one of the flight schools has been lauded for efficient and friendly service described as something usually seen only in successful fast food chains.

The times, they are sure a-changin’ and flight school San Diego is trying its best to keep abreast of or maybe even set the industry standard in the quality of aviation courses.